The ability to understand and interpret writing is just as important as being able to write well. If you cannot identify the key components of an essay it is impossible to write one well. Through this course, I have used different texts, group discussions, and research to help me better understand writing. I have been able to compare and contrast different texts, such as comparing Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and MaGuire’s Wicked, as well as analyze characters, like Dick and Perry in Capote’s In Cold Blood.

The Process section of my portfolio contains edited drafts to each of my essays in the Craft section. This section emphasizes how peer editing and feedback have influenced my ability to understand text. I learned through peer editing that an alternate perspective can make your idea stronger by showing you where your weaknesses are. Also, giving feedback to others helps you to improve your writing by learning from their mistakes. My writing has greatly improved over the length of this semester.  All of the skills I have improved in this class will help me in my career in the future.


Diagnostic:Diagnostic Essay Rough

Essay 1:Essay 1 Draft 1

Essay 1 Draft 2

Essay 1 Draft 3

Essay 2:Essay 2 Draft 1

Essay 2 Draft 2

Essay 2 Draft 3

Essay 3:Essay 3 Draft 1

Essay 3 Draft 2

Essay 3 Draft 3

Essay 4:Essay 4 Draft 1

Essay 4 Draft 2

Essay 4 Draft 3

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