There are positives and negatives to having access to the internet; you have endless information and entertainment at your fingertips, but much of what is available is inaccurate or illegal. This poses challenges when doing research. For academic research, the sources you use must be legal, accurate, and credible. There are few sources of information online that meet all of these requirements. I was fortunate this semester to find decent sources for my work and be able to use texts for most of my papers.

The essay that posed the biggest challenge was the historical framework essay which required research into a historical period, a reference to that period, and any background information that supported the thesis. This was a rather daunting task, but I used previous learned knowledge about the period as well as text books, approved websites, and reviews to write my historical framework essay. I had to read many pages from outside sources, but this helped me develop a more in-depth paper and stronger thesis. The more information I had, the better my writing seemed to be and I continue to find this true with all my writing.

All Works Cited

Other Research (Ethics)

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