Ever since I was in elementary school I have loved to read, and because I was constantly doing so my vocabulary expanded and I was a very well-spoken adolescent. As time has progressed I have always made it a goal to learn new vocabulary whenever I could. This class has definitely helped me reach this goal this semester. Not only did this vocabulary aid in my academic writing voice, it helped my grammar too. I often find myself rearranging sentences to accommodate the new vocabulary to stay grammatically correct.

Of course, a bigger vocabulary is not always better. A writer needs to be aware of their audience and know when to use an academic voice versus other styles of writing. Different types of papers will need to have a different voices and angles associated with them to make them stronger. I would not use a generic informative voice to write a persuasive essay, for instance, and a creative piece needs more than just prose.

I have learned new information about different styles writing this semester. I was given the opportunity to write a creative piece and I learned quite a bit about proper punctuation for dialogue, as well as paragraphing and how to make my writing more detailed. My writing has improved all over the spectrum and I am proud of how far I have come. This section of my portfolio is titled Craft. In this section, I have posted the final drafts of four of my essays. These essays show that I can write clearly and have the ability to diversify my writing.

Essay 1

Wri 10 Essay 2 Final

Essay 3 Final

Essay 4 final draft

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