One thing that will never change in writing is that there is always room for improvement. The best way to improve your work is to get new perspectives on it. This class has emphasized the benefits of team work and has taught me new ways to embrace it. When writing or even just in discussion, hearing what others have to say is useful because they can offer new ideas or information that can help you better develop your own argument. In the Collaboration section of my portfolio I will include evidence from blogs with classmates and work from my Group Led Discussion assignments.

This class has used Group Led Discussions, peer editing, and other group work to give students the most collaboration opportunities as possible. To get the most out of working with my peers I have fully participated in discussions, peer edited papers, and worked with one or person as much as possible. When peer editing other’s work, I check that they are meeting all requirements listed in the rubric first. If they are not, I comment and suggest ways they can change their work to meet those standards. My feedback is always constructive and useful. This is the type of feedback that helps me write my work, therefore I give others the best advice I can to help them improve as well.

While in discussion, I always try to contribute a new perspective or interpretation to talk about. For the Group Led Discussion assignments we were required to give presentations and facilitate a discussion based on a section of required reading. My group and I agreed that the best thing to do would be deeply analyze the texts and try to develop new ideas. Our hope with this was to open people’s minds and help them use our ideas to strengthen arguments they used in their work. Group work is essential to improving writing and I have utilized the benefits of collaborating with peers this semester.

GLD 1 (in cold blood)

Group Led Discussion Work


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